St Elena,s spiritual retreat

The Entrance to Altia,simple,open but still with signs that say no trespassing


I see that the last article attracted a lot of attention from readers which motivated me to write about a spiritual group of Mexicans, that are going to come and  live in St Elena. They come  from different parts of   the country ,and  are constructing houses in a compound style, just on the outskirts of St Elena.They have named their place Altia ,which means of a high place.

I met many from this group  for the first time about three years ago when they visited my restaurant to partake of a bite to eat. The first thought that entered my head  when they entered was that they were a spiritual group .During their lunch we began talking and I politely asked if they were indeed  spiritual, to which they said yes in amazement. How do you know one commented .Oh!  I just knew said I.

Then that comment sparked off more conversation but with a more spiritual tone.Elise asked me if I had ever read the Llaves de Enoch at first I didn’t understand, then it flashed before me and I said ,oh you mean the keys of Enoch. Of course ,I said ,running to my house to bring it out to show ………..A wail of delight resounded from the group stating O h Valerie you’re one of us !!

 I quickly replied ,not really am I one of you ,I’m one of me!

I jelled with them quite easily as we began talking about the book (this was great to increase Spanish vocabulary). For me this book is very interesting, reveling information of a higher power and much more. But for these people it is like a bible ,they follow the teachings avidly hanging on to every word. It’s a channeled book by J J Hurtak a scientist that used to work for NASA and began his spiritual journey later in life.

It  turned out that they were looking for land to build a commune, to which they did and there began their dream for some, not all.

One lady from Cancun purchased land next to me with the desire to build a few houses for her,  quote, sisters and some more houses to rent out,  communal restaurant and a place to teach the young people of the village.They started working on the land bringing in  a bulldozer, which is a red light for INAH .Work stopped for a short while but during this time the lady decided to abandon her project and now the land stays vacant with a for sale sign.

The second group, same teachings,  a little more successful found land and began clearing but what did they encounter? Fallen pyramids and the remains of a Maya stone house.Again as with the other lady work stopped for a short while but they persevered , worked along side INAH and houses are now being built with the hope of about 20 families   who   eventually will come and live .

Mr Hurtak had been invited by the group to  bless the land of his newest academy sort of speak,I had the  opportunity by invitation to witness and partake.Excited at the thought of meeting this person I tucked my book under my arm and off I went hoping to get it signed.

Disappointment rained.Hes a quiet man with few words ….. that’s fine I thought hes just himself.Whenever he began to talk his wife would continue and continue and continue .As we say in Spanish ella no cae bein com migo ………….To  myself I thought OH no not another .. I am spiritual and I know everything type of person. I have met many people like this and even some of my spiritual teachers, when I was doing lots of work on  my journey .Needless to say I didn’t make a bee line to have Mr Hurtak sign my book it just didn’t seem right.I still read the book from time to time, open pages and still I like it .It resonates with me and that’s all that matters.

I have lots of spiritual groups drop in for lunch,dinner  being so close to the ruins of Uxmal and the Ruta Puuc and I muse listening to their spiritual guru giving out false information and their followers listening with starry eyes in wonder of this person .But it always seems that there is one person in these groups that I jell with and I think Oh this person knows the REAL truth .

I don’t want to sound cynical I love all aspects of the teachings of spirituality but  I don’t care for false prophets that always accompany the truth………and I hate to see people get ripped off

Or drained of there savings in the search for the higher self.

We are here on the earth plane and we can choose to make our own hell or our own heaven. I know what I am striving for! Do you ?

castles in the woods

I have been invited   to Altia on numerous occasions to see how things are progressing but didn’t want to intrude by taking more photos than what you see here.

They have solar power energy ,bathroom waste that filters and cleans ,from which ,they water the plants.They originally wanted to build adobe brick houses but the soil here was just  not binding together especially in the heavy rains, so they had to resort to cement blocks.The houses have a curious design like a caracole,two floors high, very open ,not very private……


But Annie and her sister Natie so enjoyed showing me around and to be honest they are lovely people and  I enjoyed being in their company partaking  of coffee and cake.

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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  1. Soul Healing says:

    Wow! Sounds like a very enjoyable trip. Could you post more info about the place and the reservation?

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