Another birthday party


Angela the birthday girl

The invitations just keep on coming……..yet again another birthday party. It was held today at lunch time for  Angela, a  little girl who was turning 2 years of age. Nothing spared ..cake balloons ,flowers ,refreshments and of course FOOD.

Before I left from home/work I thought I should eat something first, as sometimes I,m not always enamored by the food that is served,not only that one doesn,t always know what time it will be served.

Of course caught off gurad AGAIN…. the food was delicious Relleno Blanco. A dish of chicken with a white sauce,slasa de tomate,with cheese sprinkled on top.The chicken was cooked prior then shredded before adding to the white sauce along with stuffing… about stuffing …. I was stuffed after eating two lunches.

Angela in her terno

The mother of Angela dressed her in the traditional style dress known as a  terno with a red roboso(shawl). She was quite proud of her new shoes and showed  them off to everyone that entered the party.

Of course no birthday party is complete without the Pinatas as you can see by the   photos.

Before the party began a rosary was sung in front of the altar that is always set up in this particular house.Giving blessings for the child and for a happy life to come.

Like all chidren all Angela wanted to do was eat the cake and paint her lips.!

The choir singing rosary and prayers

I couldnt stay for the whole time having to get back to the restuarant to work. But I do feel privaliged at all the parties I get invited to . Its so lovely to think that I have been accepted so readily into the community and it gets better now that I can converse more in spanish. I  just need to learn more Maya!

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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