Valerie had a little lamb,little lamb…………


Awhile ago I bought a lamb to cook in the restaurant  a rare find in these parts. You have to know someone who knows where you can locate  one .I roasted the legs with rosemary and other herbs invited some friends over to taste. It was delicious, as was the Lamb tacos and  the BBQ ribs that  I prepared for clients that dropped by that day .Lamb, not being popular in the Yucatan, was a real treat.

Then I got the idea to maybe buy a young one and rear it as I had lots of grass growing by the side of the restaurant that needed tending often. I thought maybe having the lamb it would have great food and constant.

I mentioned this to my good friend Candelario to which he immediately went on the search to see where I could obtain a real life one.Within less than Half an hour he came racing back to tell me where I could buy my lamb.

Off we went in my old V W Beetle to pick him up. I choose the one I wanted and he reluctantly was shoved in the back seat.What a sight this must look I thought to myself whilst driving him back home.He seemed to like the car journey as he pushed his head next to my cheek… Oh please don’t do this, you know you are going to be for the pot, I said out loud all the time Candelario chuckling heartily.I dove all the way home cheek to cheek with the lamb.

We got him home safely and ushered him to his new homeland of green pastures  where he bleated with contentment. Then I made a BIG mistake …… I named him….Louis Miguel after a famous singer….Why this name the staff asked me .. Cause he sang all the way home I said. So everyone now asks how is Louis  Miguel doing etc etc. with smiles on their faces  Louis caused lots of laughter and jokes in the kitchen that day ,even Zacaria the gardener got in on the act.

He settled in nicely with his daily ration of ….not more than 5 tortillas a day….. as the seller told me. A bucket of water daily and of course all the grass he could eat. MMmmm someone neglected to tell me that they sometimes eat the roots of the grass and after 4 weeks or so there was no more grass to be seen… Not only that he was picky to what he ate.So now comes the hard job going out and cutting grass for him or stalks of corn. I don’t really have time for this ,so thank goodness came to my rescue Candalario

He loves the  flowers in the garden  and he likes  to follow me around  ( I feel  like Mary had a little lamb)  and at first ,when not tied up ,paying  a couple of visits to the restaurant looking for me …

Oopppss  we cant have that so now unfortunately he is tied up.But I love the way he greats me in the mornings ,tail wagging and affectionate nudges. Can I butcher him? Not sure at this point but he is getting to be a handsome young man.Maybe when the affectionate nudges turn  into butts I  may have to rethink.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to Valerie had a little lamb,little lamb…………

  1. I suspect that this lamb will follow Mary aka Val around for some time to come. I read somewhere about a town in Brazil that had a successful municipal goat herd and herder who ecologically and neatly kept the towns ‘areas verdes’ both clean cut and fertilized. I’ve always thought that was a good idea and would work in Merida, especially along the highways and byways.

    Great story, thank you for sharing it!

  2. Valerie Pickles says:

    Yes Ithink this would be a great idea or maybe goats would be better they eat EVERYTHING.Thanks Will for your support

  3. debi says:

    Oh I fear little Luis Miguel is singing your song. He’s yours now, he has a name, and your affections; get a longer leash!

  4. BerylG says:

    Please, please don’t kill Luis Miguel!!! He is so cute and he TRUSTS you.
    I know, I’m not helping.

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