celosia growing in my garden

Celosia flower, or some know it as cockscomb ,is a broadleaf annual bright flowering plant and one of my favourites. I used to own a flower shop in Canada for some years and worked as a floral designer for about 15 years. When the Celosias where in season I always rushed to buy them to use in exotic or country style arrangements. The colours are vibrant ranging from red,yellow and cerise with sizes that are varied. I always marveled at the intricate design of the flower head reminding me of, at times of the formation of the brain.Here in the Yucatan is the ideal climate for growing and the season has arrived. A couple of years ago I found the seeds in Merida and was excited to purchase and plant. The first year they grew quite large heads and reseeded themselves profusely .This year they are growing well again but diminished in the size of the flower but still remain their magic for me. They are one of the flowers that are quite popular here to use on the altar of Hanal Pixan or the days of the dead ,as they are abundant in the local backyards.

The leaves are actually edible ,having the same uses as the Amaranth family,…… never tried them but I might  one day…… they say  very nutrional.good for salads and cooked like spinach as a vegetable.

photo taken from Wikkapedia

Medicinal Values…A treatment for intestinal worms, blood diseases, mouth sores,eye problems. The seeds treat chest problems and the flowers treat diarrhea. The leaves are used as dressings for boils and sores and the boiled vegetables are said to be  slightly diuretic.(taken from Wikkapedia).

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to celosia/cockscomb

  1. Jo says:

    Just saw my first Celosia Cockscomb in Montreal!! Now I am determined to try growing it here in Toronto. Can you please tell me where I could get the plants or even the seeds for next year?

    • Hi Jo Celosias are known as annuals so they have to be seeded every year.Moreso in Ontario as the winter kills the seeds that fall and dont reproduce the following year.You can buy packets of the seeds at any local gardening store or even in the big box stores where they sell gardening products.
      Guess Im lucky living here in the Yucatan as when the seeds drop from the celosia they reseed and sprout again!
      Good luck

  2. Patrick Wang says:

    I am currently writing a book on Chinese auspicious motifs and I wonder if I may use your
    pretty image of the red cockscomb flower.

    Thank you very much

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