El frente frio/the cold front


cold remidies

Well ,it  seems that nearly everyone in the village  ,including me ,has some kind of cold, aches, pains , coughs, fevers  or just not feeling up to par. This always happens with the change of climate from hot to what we call cold!!

You may wonder what we class as cold here in the Yucatan as the temperature does not change that much over the year. But we have gone from a high of 38 C to a high of 30C during the day and by night it can hit as low as 10C. I know !You are thinking this cant be cold.

For the tourists coming from cooler climates it  feels  muy agradable , very comfortable, and the evenings are great for sleeping.I used to think the same until I got acclimatized to the weather conditions here and now when the thermometer drops in temperature ,I really feel it.

 I bundle up in my hammock for the night with no less than three blankets, two on a calm night and still sometimes I wake up in the early morning around 4 ish wanting another blanket.

Now I know why Scrooge is always depicted as wearing a nightcap on his head in novels and movies,because in the cold, damp homes of ancient  England one would feel much warmer.

I do remember the winters in England as a child. I would welcome the stone hot water bottle keeping my bed warm .T hen came the rubber type ones which were great because you  could move them around in the bed wherever you wanted.I have often thought of trying to find them here but had no luck as yet or maybe I am just not looking in the right places .

I feel for the local people at this time  of year ,as some don’t even have blankets and have to sleep in their clothes to keep warm..  Still, there are  many who live and  sleep in a casa de huanos ( palm roof houses) with walls made only of sticks, great for the summer but not very comfortable in the winter. If they are lucky to have a relative with a brick home they may be invited to hang  their hammocks for the night. Many of the older people have known to die of hyperthermia in these months, just as they do in Canada, during a cold spell.

Usually we start around November getting cold fronts that drift down from the north  and can come and go until January.  It seems like the cold fronts have come a little earlier than normal this year. I hope it wont last  too long !

The coldest I have known,  since living here , was about two years ago when the temperatures hit 5C and some place south from us Tekax it actually dropped to 0C .I think this was a record but it was talked about for days after.

Lets hope  this cold front soon passes and  that everyone regains their health . As for me Im taking lots and lots of local honey, fresh lemons  and cinnamon with hot water.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to El frente frio/the cold front

  1. Heather says:

    Valerie, I commiserate with your being cold in Mexico. I never appreciated those warm and colourful Mexican blankets until el frente frio! We felt the cold terribly when we were in Progreso and I know it’s colder where you are inland.
    Bundle up and keep warm!

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