Maya Curendero(healer)

Don Moren

 Don Moren  is  a Maya curandero (healer), born in Ticul, close to St Elena ,  a  self taught healer and bone manipulator .He works more or less in the traditional ways of the ancients tuning into the body parts that give pain and through his manipulations helps to relieve the aches and pains of everyday life.He is renowned in this region for his integrity, honesty and willingness to help all who come to see him. In Maya terms he is known as heji or Dr de huesos  or in English bone doctor.

Don Moren giving a demonstration at the English Merida Library /Balancing the body ready to start treatment

I was first introduced to him a year ago when I had hurt my back ……..doing things one shouldn’t ,like moving stones etc . My good friend Candelario came by that day and saw me in pain and suggested that he take me by Don Morens house  explaining that he would be able to help me .

Working on the spinal column

On the Sunday following ,about two days after my hurt ,we took off for Ticul  ,with Candelario laughing, saying Oh Valerie you are going to shout in pain… no I said ,I am used to chiropractors so I think it will be O K . Again Candelario said no, they are going to hear you down the street or even two blocks away. With these remarks I became a little concerned as to what was to happen. We arrived at Don Morens house around 9 am and waited a short while for him to open the door. Stepping inside I felt a little apprehensive as he asked me a few questions and then  he proceeded to lay down a mat on the floor with a pillow. I looked around his room and  saw that he had pictures of the spinal column and more.. Well, I thought ,maybe he does know what he’s doing .I lay down face up and he began the work, first off saying my colon was inflamed ,after balancing my body with what I know as energy work he began manipulating the area of my colon..ouch! And again ouch! And more ouches! Wow! This is painful but still  it felt good.He continued with his routine assuring me that I would feel great when finished and would walk out of his house feeling as light as air. He finished off my doing another balancing of my body and raised me to my feet.

stretching the body

Well he was right ! I walked out with a wonderful ,feeling of floating on  air and never felt better . So too Candelario was right, I did shout out more than once but it was all worth it.

Since then I have been a couple of times for treatments and wouldn’t hesitate to go again….the  cost for this 40  mins treatment …  $ 20 pesos around $ 2 dollars I couldn’t believe it  This would have cost over $60 dollars back home and no gurantee…

You see Don Moren does not do this for the money aspect of healing  but only in helping people in pain . He works from his heart and for this he is well liked by people that travel a distance to see him.

The people in the small towns still believe in curanderos but now instead of visiting them first they go to the local doctor and if the new medicine does not work then they revert back to the old traditions. 

Like any other  traditional energy/healing work of the ancients it is hard to find someone to carry on the traditions but Don Moren  would   only  be too happy to teach anyone who is REALLY     interested   in learning  about the ways of the ancient Maya.

He does have a son who lives in Playa del Carmen  to whom he taught all he knows but  does not practice.Don Moren is now  teaching his grandson the art and hopefully he will carry on the tradition.

Following in his grandfathers tradtions

Don Moren and his grandson

Its very common that someone in a family knows how to sobar(which means to rub or massage)and it is often practiced in the house if one is hurt or strained themselves in any way. Lets hope that this does not die out and become a thing of the past.

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