Horse Riding comes to St Elena

Bonnie and Flicker

Bonnie , is  a friend  I met around the same time that I started my project of THE PICKLED ONION, here in St Elena .She bought a, ranch, San Augustin, just north of the village, which had been neglected for many years. There was,nt a building as such  on the property only a ruined house that would have been far too big a project to reconstruct as a  place for her to live . So work began on building a new house which turned out really nice and comfortable.The restaurant and her place was more or less finished at the same time.

During the time that I got to know her she mentioned that she used to work on a horse ranch in the states and did so for many years……..Being a quick thinker I said ,How about buying a couple of horses to take people riding, me thinking it would be a good opportunity to create an answer  to W hat is there to do in St ,Elena after seeing all the ruins??

  You could bring the horses to the restaurant in the mornings , go riding and then bring them back for a drink and lunch, I said. But at the time she was just not ready for the idea Now three years later she had a change of heart .

She went on the scout for good looking horses……this lady really does know horses after watching with my own eyes how she handles ,checks them out and treats them……….. She finished up with Five altogether and they are beautiful.  And by the way she looks absolutely stunning, mounted on her horse Flicker. But this was only the beginning , she then  had to build the stables and buy the gear. Now she is ready to roll ! If you are at all interested in seeing some of the Yucatan countryside , here is her phone number..cell.997 115 0899 or drop me an email if you  wish.

Good Luck Bonnie!


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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