Bird Festival and my visiting MOT MOT

 In November will begin the annual Toh Bird Festival in Merida . The groups will gather in Merida on the days of Nov 28th and 29th and from there disperse for various parts of the Yucatan trying to locate and register as many  species of birds that they can.Already there have  been warm up or trial days to Sayil,Sisal,Churburna other places and including Uxmal.For the bird watchers its a very exciting and am sure enjoyable time.

This leads me to my own Mot Mot or Toh, as its known in Maya ,bird that I had the pleasure of a visit from one day.

It was a baby that fell out of one of the trees and my gardener Zacaria brought him to the restaurant  where the staff put him in a shopping bag. I wasn’t there at the time as I was out at the market, shopping for the restaurant.Immediatly I arrived home, I was greeted by excited staff wanting  to show off the find . Valerie !buy a cage to put him in, the tourists will love him ,they said.

As much of an eye catcher he would have been ,I declined and said no ,explaining that these creatures are from the wild and that’s where he is going back to.At first I thought he was injured having fallen from the tree, so thinking it was a great photo opportunity I grabbed my camera and let him out of the bag slowly. I just about managed one, not too good shot, as you can see, before he whisked off skillfully and quickly but I was happy that he was not injured.It left me a little sad that I did not get some decent photo shots of him. 

Baby Toh /Mot Mot

…. Ahh but wait til you read the rest of the story!

Well ,was I in for a surprise the next day,  Chel, who was working on the construction of Woolis Nah ,came to tell me that there was a Mot Mot inside .Again I grabbed my camera  with a sense of excitment of what I might find and rushed to see and wow! there was the baby Mot Mot as unconcerned as anything just perching on the Palapa roof inside.He stayed for over an hour, needless to say I got some nice shots of him and he seemed happy to let me click away.

Again the staff said why don’t you keep him again I said no .You know something , I said to them, he has come back to say thank you for letting him go and my gift from him was the taking of photos .How lucky I am I thought and how  wonderful is mother nature allowing me this opportunity, that I am sure ,not many people have had that pleasure. Isnt he just beautiful !

The Turquoise browed mot mot inhabits semi arid regions,low and medium forests,bushes and waysides where it can be observed more often than not on telegraph wires swinging its tail like a pendulum from side to side.It is found in Mexico from Veracruz to the Yucatan Penninsula.

It fees on beetles, butterflies,bees etc.It nests in quarry walls or hollows inside wells or cenotes, where they build their nests taking advantage of the soft material to dig horizontal galleries of up to 4 feet deep. At the end they build an incubation chamber where they lay their eggs.The eggs take around 21 days to hatch and the chicks are featherless and blind at birth .If you take in the sites of Uxmal early in the morning you will observe many of these birds amongst others.

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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