Happy Birthday Andrew

Today I want to announce that its my sons birthday. Andrew will be 41 today and I still cant believe that I have children of this age.Many people ask me if I have children and where do they live and  do you have grandchildren and don’t you miss them and what do they think of you living  alone far away in Mexico. So I am going to answer some of these queries the best that I can.

My children Andrew and Tara

I have two children Andrew being the oldest and Tara two years younger. They are both married with families of their own and live in Ontario Canada.

I always used to say, when I have grandchildren I want to sit on the front porch and tell them stories  about my life but when the first one, Connor, arrived everyone excited of course, I began to retract my former thinking . Yikes I thought, I am not ready for this … I have too much to do and too much to see … I haven’t finished collecting memories and if I sit with them now then I will just keep repeating the same stories to them! You see I am not one of those interfering grandmothers or mother in laws and believe in live and let live.Or maybe its because I raised my children alone when they were very young age I feel I  have done my part and now its their turn to live their lives as they wish.

When the time came to make a move people would ask my children what do you think of your mum going to live and work in Mexico…. Their response…Its her life and she can do as she wishes. Great ,I have children who respect my decisions  for my own life and the freedom that it gives one . Good, then I can go off without having guilt feelings for leaving them behind.Phew that was a relief ,even though I am a rebel at heart ,I would still have done what I have done today

Connor and Emily


Now Andrew has two children and settled to family life content. Tara has one who is recently born and a happy addition to their family.

Do they visit? Tara and her husband have visited twice Once before I built THE PICKLED ONION whilst living in a nearby town teaching English and once again to see what I was doing in St Elena. Are they impressed .. yes I am sure they are.

Andrew and family are waiting to come and visit and I know its difficult with a family and not only that the flights can be quite expensive from Canada to here for a family of four.

Do I visit them? Not as often as I would like but have been back to Canada a couple of times since living here.

Well on that note I want to wish my son  a very happy birthday with love always  from mum.

Andrew and me

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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1 Response to Happy Birthday Andrew

  1. Andrew Pickles says:

    Thank God you didn’t use other photo’s that you have threatened me with over the years..:D
    Thanx Mom for making me a web star!!!!

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