The symphony comes to St Elena

                                                    St Mathew church in St Elena

The Youth Orchestra comes to town.

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of listening to a youth orchestra from  Merida playing in St Elena’s church of St Mathew, The future players for Mérida’s Symphony Orchestra ?

It was to be a regal affair and to open the eyes of the local people but unfortunately it didn’t go without flaws. The event was scheduled to start at 7 pm but in Mexican time that could be 8 pm

I arrived early to get a good seat at the front of the church as I did not want to miss anything  and being excited that we were going to have some culture ,the first since I arrived here.Slowly the church filled with people all anticipating the performance that the Mayor had so proudly put together .

The first few players arrived around 7 ish with some of the instruments and chairs Mmm they seemed quite young I thought, expecting it to be an adult orchestra .Oh well I thought you know you should always expect the unexpected here, as nothing is as it seems I told my self.

But still inside of me a little more excitement arose and then subsided upon hearing that the rest of the group were heading south in a rented bus towards another St Elena in Quintana Roo which is about a four hour journey away from this St Elena in Yucatán. They had gotten half way there before realizing that they were heading the wrong way. The conductor quickly turned around and headed back to St Elena Yucatan which called for a long wait before eventually they arrived here in St Elena.

This may sound a little weird but many times people have asked me where do you live and as I reply St Elena their eyes pop open and say with surprise Oh near Chetumal,Quintana Roo? No say I, near Uxmal. Then they look  puzzled at me and say I don’t know where that is  .I then have to explain just where it is. On the road between  the Maya ruins of Uxmal and Kabah towards Campeche.Again they look puzzled but just accepted it as is

The orchestra sets up


So back to the orchestra which finally began at around 9 .45pm .Needless to say my bottom was quite numb after sitting all this time on the church benches and by this time many people had left ,tired of waiting or just wanted to go home and crash in their hammocks for the night .Well the orchestra made up of all young people began to play and they played well . Some criticized as all was not in tune all the time but I said they are young and they need encouragement as they are your future generation. Imagine in three more years they could be the new Symphony Orchestra of Merida . So I applaud them for their dedication and hard work not only that 40   more people know where St Elena Yucatan is located.



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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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  1. Reg says:

    Kudos on your new blog!!! This just may turn into the Santa Elena Tribune…..and then you could add publisher to your resume!

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